I know alot of people who always knew what they wanted to become even as young as five, and some when they were ten, fifteen and even got to be sure in college and some in the quest for finding what works for them, they were put in a box so they can survive the real world. At twenty five, i just discovered i knew what i wanted to be at 8 but was not sure if that was something at that time. I have always loved to look good as well as see others look beautiful. colour combinations naturally comes together for me and i dont put on anything, i mean anything without a touch of colour and that is what brought about the word “BABYPINK”, the name itself spells colour. In times like this where there are lots of bills to pay, people hardly spare money for cloths or time to combine good cloths and there are the those who do not even wield the confidence to put on cloths that actually suits them.


They say life is made up of different colours. I think for real, colours actually make up our lives because as humans we go through certain ordeals in life so we could overcome and learn from it and also share our experiences with the world and there are different ways we can choose to share it. One night I tried crying myself to sleep as I would usually do when someone talks down on me but I knew it was enough and I heard to stand up for myself, It was high time I had to find my voice and I found it here. I have shared some of my experiences in my previous post about my struggles growing up as a plus size. There are indeed so many plus size men and women out there who do not see anything in being bullied but I choose to defer, there is everything wrong in someone picking on your weight and you have every right to be angry, you have every right to sit on a plane, wear good cloths, and be among people with all sizes not just plus size gatherings. Being confident in your skin is good as any other plus size blogger would advice but true confidence is when you stop being trampled. You can wear really awesome colorful cloths and still feel less than anyone in the room, why? Because you still haven’t turned off the that switch from within you, YES there is a switch of condemnations still speaking to you in your head, turn it off completely. Yes it’s going to take awhile to put on a new switch, and you will and I pray you’ll testify to that because it’s the best feeling in the world. I’ll be writing on steps you’ll take to achieve that complete switch, just stay connected.

I am a plus size dark skinned African girl who reconnected with her confidence, strength, self-worth, childhood, and fashion love. I’m still in the process to completely getting back to who I was before the world made me who I am. I exercise and try my best to stay fit and eat healthy which is very necessary and I’ll always recommend any size to do the same and whiles doing that I think I should be in my best outfits, even my bikinis and exercise wear should be colourful and glam. In Nigerian pidgin English ” I no kill person” meaning you actually don’t owe anyone but yourself to look good. One thing you should remember, beauty isnt static, it changes so you can define your own beautiful.

My goal isn’t just to write but pass a message across using my little life’s experiences hoping someone out there would wouldn’t conform to these same challenge and get trampled, because loving yourself can never be over emphasized no matter how many times you’ve heard it. Love your body, love your face, love what you do or better still do what you love and be happy. Always stand tall and do the walk

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