I spoke about switching up your confidence in my last post and promised dropping some steps to help you make the switch. You can’t fake confidence, you believe in who you are and act accordingly. Sometimes many of us mistake confidence for perfection. You do not have to be perfect to be confident, I’ve always talked about defining your beauty because no one made the rules about who’s perfect and who’s not. You think because you are not perfect so you can’t be confident? NO, actually it goes the other way, you are confident despite your imperfections. Just because your speech is not good enough or you can’t do what others are doing easily doesn’t stop you from being confident in what you can do. So here are some steps that can help you.


The act of making a list cannot be over emphasized. The first step to accepting your beautiful and regaining your confidence is to make a list, some people will call this mechanic but I assure you that every great man and woman out there made a list. there are times that would come in your life where you’ll go out ,meet different people and see different things but most of which will be intimidating and you find yourself drowning in self hate and see yourself lacking in many ways and that is when you’ve got to make that list. So you are going to be making two lists here, the first is making a list of the things you love doing ,what you are good at, and all those things that excite you. Make sure you don’t copy and paste, let it come straight from your heart, without forgetting nothing and the second list entails your hopes and expectations of every thing you want,desire or dream of. It can be what you expect from your love life, financial life, your looks, your weight and even your career. When you’re done doing this,we are headed for the second step.


This is the key step in getting to know you better, and in getting to know your self, you equally spend time with yourself. It’s not just 15mins a day but every free time you’ve got the whole day, you’ve got to dedicate it to yourself and what do you do with this time? You speak. I’ll advice using a mirror, looking straight into your eyes, telling yourself what you need to know, which is pouring out the most beautiful thoughts about you, from your heart and then you can bring out your lists and speak them aloud to your hearing. For example, I am beautiful, kind, I have a beautiful life with great finances, and I am at the top of my game. These are things you might not see physically but you must believe and act like you see it until you start seeing it even if others around you don’t see it because it is your seeing that determines their seeing you in that light.


I know the feeling that comes from loving up with yourself in your closet saying all those beautiful words to yourself, and come out seeing opposite of everything you ever said or even having someone call you names but it isn’t over yet love, this is the time you’ve got to push, this the time you’ve got to tell yourself that no matter what this person is doing to me, I am better than him/her in every way and I don’t care if she doesn’t see my good but I see and value me and then this is not just blab or to make you feel good at that moment because the more frequently you think this way over any similar situation, you will be physically capable and obviously better than that person overtime, guess why? Because what you switched your thinking and how you think is how you will eventually turn out, It’s not magic, it takes patient, strength and your consistency. Quit comparing yourself with anybody, not even your boss. This might sound pretty selfish and mean but I’m going to tell you what I do when I walk into a room, I feel like the most beautiful person in that room and don’t think there is one person in that room more than I am. It doesn’t stop me from respecting or learning from these experts but i remind myself of how equally important I am as the others.

I hope these step are going to help you switch up your confidence, it’s going to take time but if you really desire to stand out, you got to give yourself time and love and see how it all unfolds on the inside of you to the outside. I’ll keep sharing tips on growing your confidence from one stage to the other, just stay tuned .


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