You might be asking yourself why you need a routine when I stand for accepting yourself the way you are. Well, whatever I’ll tell you here is all about being comfortable in your own skin, being confident as a plussize doesn’t mean you can’t workout or keep fit and the same applies to being beautiful. You love and see yourself as beautiful that’s why should always pamper and take care of your beautiful skin. It’s all part of your work in progress, and now you look in the mirror and feel the need to give yourself a treat by yourself. There is always a difference when you love your skin and feel good about yourself before heading to a spa than just saying to yourself “well, I got to do what I got to do even though it ain’t gonna make no difference how I look” or “let me see if this routine is going to make me beautiful”, NO, this time you know better, you carry out your routines Knowing its just going to be an enhancer to my beauty.

My picture up there is definitely a work in progress which I’m loving so much, and I don’t want to want till my face gets completely smooth and dark spot free before I share it with you because I want to share my secret to with you and I want you to also grow with me whiles including my little skincare routines in your daily activities. I have always had acne troubles growing up and even till a few months back that I would put on layers of foundation, just to hide it. Most times I’ll get late going to work, church or business meetings, just so I can spend time covering it all up but how long? I realised I needed to do something about this so I tried going out afew days without my makeup but I always came back home gloomy and found it really uncomfortable when people stare at my face and either ask me why I’m not putting on makeup today or how my face is reacting, I guess I still struggled alittle bit with my confidence those days but hey as everyday unfolds, I find my confidence and that is the essence of this blog, that it always helps me to grow my confidence as well as helping others. Well let’s get to the business of the day, which is to know what I’ve have been doing to improve my skin.

As you can see my before and after pics with really uncomfortable large dark spot on my right cheek, comparing the progress with the pic on the right, even with me having makeup on my face that day, I couldn’t totally cover the spot. This is alot of progress for me and I’ll share the following tips with you:

  1. EXFOLIATE ONCE A WEEK: I had this in my must do things for the week and it really paid off, you can choose to use a personal home made tumeric scrub or get ‘kuw spa’ salt scrub bath tumeric. Although before I started with my tumeric scrub, I did my exfoliating with just Spong, a good soap and water.

2. NO NO TO WHITE POWDER: few months ago I realized white powder was really hurting my facial skin so I decided to put it aside for awhile. I mostly use it on Sunday when I really feel the need to and anytime I used it, I would notice my dark spots getting even darker and my face gets really rough and starts cracking, so white powder is a no no. Try as much as you can to stay off it

3. STAY AWAY FROM MAKEUP: Alot of people think staying away from makeup means just afew days of staying away and then u see results or get it cleaned properly after your day’s work. This is alot more than that, and it doesn’t show results as fast as you think. You’ve got to include staying away from makeup into your daily life. As a blogger, there is a constant need for photoshoots and pictures in my daily activities but I told myself the truth which to sacrifice my skin looking crazy just to pass the wrong message or to be real to myself and people’s lives out there that I’m impacting. So right now I do all my Photoshoots during the weekend and keep the weekdays to my breathing face and am loving everybit of it. I do not have to waste alot of time putting layers of foundation and getting late for my meetings just to cover the spots nor get uncomfortable when people stay at me.

ESSENTIAL OILS: This is it for me right now, I never step out of my house without robbing my essential oils (natural oils), it’s what moisturizes my skin and keeps it from getting more breakouts or drying out too fast. I bet the oily skinned people might be raising a brow right now but don’t fret, I’ll recommend you try tumeric oil, trust me I can’t tell you enough about it, it’s good, yes it’s an oil but doesn’t give you that oily feel, it dries out but keeps your face moisturized. It’s the best thing for me so far, and for you guys in Nigeria specifically Abuja, I’ll recommend @thehealthplace, just make your order and get it at your doorstep,I stopped using it for some days now because I ran outta stock but restocking again. If it’s not tumeric, it’s jojoba or coconut oil but I just never step out without good oils.


TAKE LOTS OF FRUITS, VEGGIES AND WATER: Never underestimate the power of these things, I’m sure you’ve heard this like a broken record but when done right with the right routines, it works like magic. Try as much as possible not to go a day without either of your fruits or veggies or even both and consume at least 8 glasses of water, make it a conscious effort. I’ll suggest you get a larger glass so your one glass of water could make up for your next few hours.

I hope have been of help to you and encouraged you rightly in starting your routine, it’s not going to happen in a days but one key to keeping this up is loving yourself and you’ll always want to give yourself a treat. I love sharing these things with you because I want you to feel how awesome I feel waking up in the morning and not scared someone might see me. Always believe in yourself, stand tall in midst of any shaky situations and do the walk.

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