My 2020 Christmas wish list: 10 little ways to make your Christmas fun

Hey guys, thanks for stopping by.

How are you planning on enjoying your Christmas? First of all, I’m a really crazy fun lover and I look for the slightest opportunities to stay happy and Christmas is even more of a huge deal for me because i love Jesus and i love to celebrate Him even more this season, that is why I have little, affordable but fun plans lined up for a memorable Christmas. Checkout my wishlist and see if you can steal afew😌 👇

  1. Bake a cake
  2. Try out a new recipe (I decided to go with marshmallow hot chocolate)
  3. Prepare a local Nigerian dish called bole and fish
  4. Go Christmas shopping (even if it’s just an item anyone can get, it’s just great to play dress up and go out for shopping, there’s something about fun shopping for Christmas)
  5. Order in treats and/or give myself a treat (treats could be pizza, toffee, chocolate, facials, skincare or makeup products, mani false nails, lashes etc)
  6. Invite someone for a Christmas eve dinner
  7. Share my fun Christmas experience online.
  8. Decorate my home
  9. Give out lots of love either Monetized or reaching out to people that I haven’t talked to in awhile and basically be a shoulder
  10. Watch lots of my fave movies back to back nonstop on Netflix

I’m already done with number 4 to 10 on my wish list and still on going, it’s left with 1 to 3, I hope to cover everything and I’ll be so proud:) having to spend the holz with my sister is really great because we practically make everyday count and I hope you do too. It’s all about being happy for yourself on babypinkblog in order to be happy for others.

Never dull yourself or let someone give you a reason to be unhappy this Christmas especially if that person picks on your body. Have fun and let me know what you plan on doing and which number on my wishlist you would love to try out.

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