its been awhile i came in here to share my personal space and experience with you, feels so good that i’m about to write about one thing that matters a lot in our daily lives, which is our health and body. it’s going to be a fast read so stay with me.

As you may know, i’m a body positive fashion blogger and i recently found love for my body after spending my entire childhood hating my looks, both facially and body wise. however, a few years ago, i got tired of crying myself out every time someone picked on my size, face or structure. So i want to keep loving myself and help others feel at ease in their skin through my blog and social media platforms.

i always used to feel that if i was skinny enough, i would have more friends, be more accepted by people and be considered beautiful but what i did not know was that i could be a size 10, 16 or 22 and still feel beautiful, still stay fit and work towards a healthy lifestyle without the craze to be a size 6 or less.

You know what is crazier? that i do not like to be distinguished, loved or applauded because i’m a plussize or a slim size, i want to be accepted because i’m a beautiful person and now, i’m working comfortably in my skin to stay healthy and fit, not because i want to be skinny but because i want to live smart enough to do everything that any differently sized person can do.

i want to wear my crop tops in a toned body, i want to jump up the stairs in my current size 16 body and not feel unhealthy or lazy, neither do i ever want my brain and emotions to tell me i cannot do anything because i am a certain size. That is why i try as much as i can for myself, to wakeup whenever i get tired of being active or tempted to give up on my body, to take those walks, dance or eat good (when i mean good, i don’t mean starving because you can eat good food and not feel guilty)

Loving your body as a plus size or probably as a really skinny girl or guy can be hard on some days. Even though, i am learning to shield myself everyday from negative words, there are times that i feel really pained, for example last year someone elderly from church picked on my body and i just could’nt reply her, she asked why i was so big in the presence of three other people and that night was pretty sad for me, i hated that i cried about it again after thinking i have shielded myself enough to those things.

Don’t lose courage thinking you are alone in people picking on your body and all, because i’m also learning to put on a thicker shield from negative voices everyday and i’m definitely better than how i was 6-7 years ago as i don’t experience consistent relapse as i used to. Trust me, learning to love yourself will make you stronger overtime and in order to do that, you’ve got to constantly put actions to your love for yourself everyday.

For me, the past one year of covid, made a mess with my eating habits, dance and walk routine. Working and schooling together also drowned my desire to be consistently active but few days ago i got motivated again about my life, my body goals and how i want to see myself.

So, i decided to order new headphones for motivation, walking shoes and active leggings as you can see in the picture and i’m beginning my walking today. I’m glad to budget for these things for my good and not procrastinate any longer. Now that’s whats up lol

I linked all of the items in different range of prices so you can get to treat yourself too. You can click on the link or the picture of the items you prefer and it will take you straight to the amazon website to shop yours. Treat yourself and stay motivated in any way you can, budget or no budget. Also, you can head to my instagram stories @babypinkblog to see me in these active wears, till next time. stay pinked and tuned.

Fashion Women Leggings Slim Yoga Running Pants With Pocket

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